Important Elements Of Ecommerce Platform

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Important Elements Of Ecommerce Platform

E-commerce is booming business from long time and there are many e-commerce platform developments available in the market. It is important to analyze different features before developing or choosing an e-commerce platform. But considering many features that customer might be expecting, the following are the important and basic features for any e-commerce platform to start their journey and capture the market.


The platform should have option for ease of customization as when the customer required based on the business process changes.

Payment Gateways

Today there are different payment gateways in the market supporting different platforms. One important factor should be able to easily integrate with any payment gateway in the market the customer may prefer.

Development cost

Since there many platforms available in the market for free with basic features, cost of development of platform should be reduced by considering platform to server mass market.

Social Media Integration

As social media is one of factor to drive the first time customers as well as returning customers, increase the no. of followers to improve the brand awareness, Social media integration will be one of important factors to drive the ecommerce platform.

Product Reviews & Testimonials

The process of asking people for reviews, and rise the helpful reviews to the top and showing the customer testimonials for each product will ensure the product review section is fills. Many customers feel such feedback is necessary in their buying process to gain the confidence on the platform and the product.

Product images and information

The e-commerce design should be able to have a lot pictures about the images and very descriptive information about the product as no one wants to buy something they can’t see. This feature helps the customers to be better informed when they are purchasing.


Whatever the data that is collection from the customers on the platform shouldn’t be disclosed to any third party. The platform design should take all the measures to keep the information secure, so that your ecommerce platform is legitimate and secure.


Now-a-days, people become busy and they want shop on the go, so our platform design should be cate any screen size from mobiles to large desktop screens. And recent studies also say that 50% traffic comes from the mobile, customers are mobile with the ease that tables and smartphones are providing. And so if ecommerce platform is not responsive, the site may lose the many customers and the potential sales.

Search tool

Ecommerce platform should also have good search tool as many products will be listed, to provide ease for the first time visitor and reduce the time to find the product that customer is looking for.

Analytics for the business owners

Since the completion is growing for the ecommerce players, the platform owners should come up with marketing tactics to gain the popularity in the market. So the web analytics or clickstream analytics will help business owners to analyze the traffic, customer touch points to improve the business in order to survive the business by making the better decisions.

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