MySA Score

User Data Extraction

Our BDaT collects Individuals information with user’s permission and extract user profile

Profile Score

Each Individual is going to get profile score which represent credibility and confidence of Individual

Using Machine learning

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms analyse the profile time to time


Who can use our platform:

Online businesses, employment agencies, Peer-to-Peer lending companies, Banks, Hotels and all businesses which deal with high amount of unknown users.

E.g. Peer to Peer Lending

It is not easy to build trust on peer to peer lending platform between their lenders and borrowers. We should be able to collect more unconventional data points of a borrower like education, employment, transactions, salary, social network etc and not just depending on CIBIL score for lending recommendations,

P2P services wanting to increase trust and keep their users safe. Use of social and online accounts and activity to verify identity gives you the broader coverage you need to safely onboard more customers. READ MORE.